AH test nomination form 2019

AH Test Nomination Form 2019

Nomination form for the AH Test
  • Please complete this form in full, payment will be required via PayPal upon completion of this nomination form. If you would prefer to pay via BACS or over the telephone please call the training team on 02476698327.
    We will require confirmation from your District Commissioner / Centre Proprietor & Area Representative that you are able to take the AH test, along with name, email address and phone number of the person who assessed the candidate and confirmed they are up to the required standard. Email confirmation is sufficent
    If you have a disability, we encourage you to disclose this and any other relevant information so we can make, so far as is practicable, reasonable adjustments for you to undertake your AH assessment. Remember to apply for a reasonable adjustment in advance if one is required, please see page 72 of the handbook for details. Please send us details of these requirements alongside this nomination form.

  • •In the event of a Candidate failing the Test a new nomination form must be submitted together with a further fee.
    •The Candidate may be asked to withdraw at any time if the assessors are concerned for the safety of the rider or the welfare of the horse.
    •If unsuccessful, there is a minimum of a month’s grace before the Candidate is able to attempt a re-take.
    •Please refer to the Reasonable Adjustment policy, found in the Rules of The Pony Club, available on The Pony Club Website.
  • Price: £ 0.00
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    By ticking this box you agree that all the information above is, to the best of your knowledge, accurate, and that you agree to The Pony Club's cancellation policy, which can be found here. You also agree that the total displayed above will be paid in full immediately using our online payment system (provided by PayPal). If payment has not been received, your place at the event is not guaranteed and entry may be declined if payment is not made in full prior to the event. Any refunds due to an error on your part are made subject to an administration fee of £10.00
    If you are unable to pay using PayPal, please press submit to store the details you have entered, and quit the transaction when you are transferred to PayPal. Please then contact us on 02476 698300 to arrange an alternative form of payment.
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